Dealing with the devil of hyper-sexuality

Lotsa psychologists have "theories" on how to deal with hyper-sexuality. (Which is my issue with psychology overall. Almost EVERYTHING is a theory! Even the medications they'll try to prescribe you are guess-work.) Regardless,we're all different. What might be good for the goose might not be good for the gander! Still,maybe some of these can help you anyway. +Eat chocolate once in awhile. Not so much it becomes a problem,just when it's a really depressing week. Chocolate is a nice mild high if consumed properly and takes off the edge when it comes to loneliness/horniness! +The world of "online roleplaying" is like mercury. You can shape it into whatever fantasies you want but it is still poisonous if you mishandle it. Never play out scenarios you do not want to do or make you feel uncomfortable. No matter how much someone begs or pleads you need to be honest about your turn ons and turn offs too. Experiment with new kinks but only if you really want to. Next? You have to accept whatever happens in chat is no substitute for reality. Just because "anything goes" in chat where people are using their imaginations you need to understand at all times why certain "fictional scenarios" would not fly in real life. This can be easier said than done if you find yourself spending more time on the internet than in bars or at clubs. (Where the rules of reality apply more strictly and reinforce their presence in your rattling noggin!) +If you are attempting an online long distance relationship know that those often fizzle out. (Especially when both people are socially awkward "or" there's a major disparity between wealth and social class.) Some people do in fact fall in love and get married after playing their favorite MMO together or meeting in their favorite chatroom but I would say those success stories are the exception and not the rule. Just..."be careful",fam! And if it does fall thru know your lives are not over and there are other fish in the sea! (If you can try starting up something with someone that's decent AND actually available.) +If you find yourself involved with ANYTHING remotely morally questionable even if it has not become fully physical and has stayed online I implore you to "walk away". If you are a marshmallow softy you may hate the fact you might hurt the feelings of that other person but when you are mixed up in a partnership that involves drugs,alcohol,a person juggling multiple sex partners,or even a significant enough age difference to get you in trouble within certain states it is usually not worth the hassle,I'm telling you! I realize when you are in your 20's and you have just gotten your car and permission to drink alcohol you feel like you are invincible but you "ain't" so don't tempt fate! There's a slight margin for success "if" your partner is willing to work on fighting his or her "inner demons" but remember the road of recovery for addicts is a long one. (Be it dealing with substances or sex. Also, if you are 20 something and your gf/bf is on the verge of turning 18 "just maybe" that can work itself out.) + Find a legal safe way to vent out your sexual frustrations! I'm a rule 34 doodler who also writes short stories and naughty poetry! Scoff at my neet volcel shenanigans if you must but it keeps me out of jail when I'm not so desperate I'll do ANYTHING to get real tail! +Learn from your mistakes and forgive yourself. However, "remember" what those mistakes were in the first place and "why" they were wrong. Do not repeat. Do not pass go. You can only survive so many tumbles before that hill you are rolling down has some jaggy rocks beneath it! + I'm straight edged but if you need to "unwind to be more kind" relegate it to some reefer, a shroom voyage with trusted friends once in a blue moon, and the occasional drink. These things can even be healthy but only in moderation! (I'm more for natural mind-calmers than all that big pharma crap!) +There's only one thing from Wicca I incorporate into my code of chivalry and that is "Do as thou wilt so long as you harm none!". Aka,don't rape someone,don't psychologically abuse as well as manipulate your significant other or soul brother,don't beat up your partners,AND anything to do with animals or children is OFF FUCKING LIMITS! We have to acknowledge certain vices/fetishes are not right . Aka, they should not be normalized or defended for obvious reasons. If you must "cope" get a sex doll, write raunchy fan-fics, or read/look at some off-brand smentai doujins! Be a "freak" but don't try to make sexually abusing real sentient beings with thoughts and feelings into something "sheik"! If ya step over that line someone is gonna riddle you with holes and make ya leak! Capache? +I know,I know. "Doomer skeptic edge-lording is so fuckin cool,maaan!" Fuck people who believe in an imaginary sky-daddy, amirite? Checkmate Christ-Fuckers! (I'm being facetious and sarcastic!) The truth is believing in a higher power benefits people's lives. (At least from what I have witnessed first hand) If anything the bible is a good rule-book that encourages being a decent human being. There's nothing wrong with being Christian. If people rub their no-god-isms in your face tell them to spin on your forearm and when they reach your elbow the ride is over! +Surround yourselves with a few "good" friends. They are not going to be common but they will have your back and love you enough they will call you an asshole when you need to hear it. People who preach soliloquies about how "fantastic" you are whilst implying you can do no wrong are sycophantic butt kissers whom are the most likely to bail on you once things get "heavy". (Quality over quantity! ) +Exercise. Meditate. Pick up a martial art. Be a more disciplined, more healthy,and more enlightened individual than my sorry ass! #sexuality #relationships #spirituality #mentalhealth #humor