https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EiP6bDqFodo NTD Business News- 9/14/2020 1. Investors Hoping for Quantitative Easing 2. Netflix Accused of Showing Child Porn 3. Congress Continues Stimulus Package Talks 4. New Coronavirus Red Tape for Hospitals 5. E-Commerce Surges w/ Back-to-School Season 6. Amazon to Hire 100K in US and Canada 7. US Seeks to Reduce Russian Uranium Imports 8. NCEAI to Foster Women, Minority Innovation 9. SoftBank Sells Arm to Nvidia in $40Bn Deal 10. TikTok Picks Oracle, Not Microsoft 11. Spain Evictions, Squatting Cases May Surge 12. Estonia Launches Visa for ‘Digital Nomads’