WARNING: IF YOU CAN'T HANDLE "TOUGH LOVE," THEN DON'T READ MY CAPTION. IF YOU REPLY TO THIS POST WITH NASTINESS, THEN YOU WILL BE BLOCKED AND/OR REPORTED. THIS IS YOUR FIRST AND ONLY WARNING. This is an important video! I don't worship politicians. Never have... never will. Because of this perspective, I can clearly see that Trump is playing us... he's part of the plan. He's pacified the largest group against tyranny - conservatives. Come on conservatives! Trump's election isn't going to change anything. Plus, this country can't mount a successful freedom-loving protest without you. We can regain our freedoms if we are united in non-acquiescence. It saddened me to see footage from the last Trump rally. Conservatives were standing in mass behind Trump in MAGA masks! I'm embarrassed for all of you. I stopped identifying as a conservative because of Trump. Conservatives were known for their no-bullshit common sense. People, GET that BS meter back FAST! We need YOU! ...and to my dear libertarians... for Pete's sake... stop bringing LEFTIST politicians into our movement! We can't be good alternatives to the Reps and Dems if we don't stand by our freedom-loving beliefs. We can't please everyone. Those who try to please everyone end up pleasing NO ONE. Remember, the goal is to build a society that does not need a government to regulate itself. That is the next stage of human evolution. https://youtu.be/--oJkV07TgM