"...'We placed microfluidic channels very close to the transistor’s hot spots, with a straightforward and integrated fabrication process, so that we could extract the heat in exactly the right place and prevent it from spreading throughout the device,' said Matioli. Their approach relies on a novel process for etching channels directly into the chip substrate. To demonstrate its effectiveness they built a circuit that can convert AC current to DC current and showed that it could easily cope with heat fluxes of 1,700 watts per square centimeter. Normally this kind of circuit would require a fist-sized heat sink, but the team was able to squeeze it onto a USB stick-sized piece of circuit board and cool it with a water flow of less than a milliliter per second..." * * * Title: "This Microchip Has Its Own Built-In Cooling System" Author: Edd Gent Date: 14_SEPTEMBER_2020 Source: Singularity Hub URL: https://singularityhub.com/2020/09/14/this-microchip-has-its-own-built-in-cooling-system/ * * * #heat_sink #cooling_systems #microchips #nanotechnology #transistors