Hi Minds! Can you do this exercise?

COMMENT YES OR NO , FIRST USER TO POST A VIDEO OF THEM DOING ONE WINS 10 TOKENS (tag me so i see it, and if ur feet touch the bar/branch at all it doesnt count) I know its been way too long since I've made a post, I've been so busy with projects but im still here!! I even missed 2 entire night sleeps in the last week due to stupid editing deadlines fml, terrible, I know...BUT I am still taking breaks for many intermittent training sessions to get my workouts in and as you can see I put up a bar in the kitchen!! ( There is literally no fucking way I could ever stay consistent with training if I was relying on going to a gym to work out ) Now with the bar its not even a hassle to do a shitload of pull ups if its raining (and soon to be winter) . Unfortunately there isn't enough room above it to really work on explosive/high pull ups/muscle ups but I am going to put more bars up in the house later this week for that and other things...videos coming soon. This one is really great for core training though! (and you CAN do pull ups and chin ups you just have to be a little bit aware of where ur head is going lol and SUBSCRIBE TO MY MIND for way more awesome shit on both fitness and videography coming soon!