When Christian NSDAP Germany said enough to the Communist jews destruction of their Nation, Christian Americans such as Father Coughlin painted National Socialism in a dark light. Apparent that it is that Coughlin understood the murderous anti-christian/anti-white doctrine of judaism, i.e.; communism, He still nonetheless attacked the German fight for its very life as a dark, and or sinful endeavor! Even then the media was owned by jews, and soon his tap-dancing on the jewish owned landmine removed Father Coughlin as the voice of the perpetual turned cheek of shabbos Christianity . Regardless of the jewish boycotts, of the neverending racial anti-German agitprop, or the DECLARATION OF WAR waged by international jewry on Christian Germany, Very few had the backbone and love for the truth to tell it like it was. I hope that Christians/Whites are beginning to understand the depth of their betrayal. Nature has no intention of loving its enemies, .. Yet on Sundays the Church bells still ring as Communist jews make new groups to attack those that ring them. #SlaveSystem #CommunistRevolution #JudenParasitica #BlackIsTheNewJew #CommunismIsJudaismIsAfricanism