This world is changing me & others and I hate it.. I can’t have long conversations in a mask because it literally exasperates me... Ive had asthma & Bronchitis since I was a kid so imagine trying to have a 20 minute conversation while you’re gasping for air... is that medical enough?? Because it sucks! I refuse to wear it.. and if others chose to wear so be it.. Out of respect for others that own businesses.. we must at times request but I refuse to force The GOVNT continues to pad numbers “Allegedly 313 cases today... are they working???? It’s known FACT that these tests are inconclusive.. so why live in FEAR Let me save you the trouble... no ... More people are going to get tested because masks force you to continually touch your face.. And when Dr Tam does her briefing she openly says it ... but then says for everyone to wear masks... Do you remember the 10 people rule... Let me help you out with that one too... remember the game 6 degrees of separation? Yep me too ... there is no social distancing it’s not real.. unless you are truly just staying home and not speaking to anyone face to face.. This virus is dividing people like religion has for years but very few really practice their religion either... I think it’s time the dialogue changes from “selfish” “sheep” “covidiots” “new normal” “mandated” “germaphobic” and it starts changing to “freedom” “rights” “sick” “dying” “kindness” “normal” “understanding” “choice”. It’s time to END social Media Cyberbullying & Street Cop-Wanna-Bes.. STOP the DISRESPECT And stop calling them cases and COVID deaths and start calling them people... can nobody else see how awful that is? I think people are so quick to be unkind and it’s really getting to me... this virus unfortunately much like the flu or a cold isn’t going away... because GOVNT wants to maintain that control.. we just made a really big deal out of it because it was new... People need to stop being mean to one another.. COVID isn’t the only thing killing people right now.. it’s just as sad as losing someone to cancer or any other illness but also understand that much like these other illnesses we may get it, it may kill us, it may not... I’m tired of numbers and stats .. I am tired of threats of another lockdown... I’m tired of mandatory masks, GOVNT pushing mandatory vaccines & threats of mandatory testings.. Its in our face everyday and it makes me sooooo angry! I’m also telling people to stop being mean! Like the dialogue that is socially acceptable because of this, is a disgrace... I guess my whole point behind this today is to say... spread kindness and love and freedom and for the love of god... go one day without saying anything about that illness it’s enlightening and life changing... ♥️