It's pretty funny when you think about it Today's "Empowered Women" go on dating apps and EVERY ONE OF THEM choose the pretty boys who make big $ They NEVER even look at around 75% of men because why should they But what they fail to realize is that the "Rich, Pretty boys" they are choosing HAVE THEIR PICK OF 100% of women!!! So WHY should they commit to one woman??? They can "Hit and quit" a different woman EVERY NIGHT!!! So WHY would they want a relationship??? The "Empowered Woman" has become an "easy woman" who only sleeps with the "Dawgs...... the players" and she just cannot figure out why men drop her like a hot tater!!! Well ladies.......... that's because YOU have enabled him to do that while discouraging the other 75% of men to even try!!! You know........... the guys who may actually WANT a relationship those guys.......... have simply stopped playing the game. Those guys DON'T WANT SKEEZY HO's!!! They want a decent lady with a brain......... Unfortunately...... All of those ladies are at the pretty boy's apartment with their feet pinned behind their ears........... So the average man just gives up https://youtu.be/uKZEXzinGL0