I keep seeing people posting to stop wearing a mask. Okay but if you want the anti-mask movement to be effective you need to encourage businesses to take down their signs. Private property can have a mask rule. Its legal. They can legally throw you out for not wearing one. I dont know about all of you but I dont have a sign on my door to my home saying to wear a mask. There is nothing making me wear a mask in my car. Beyond that everywhere I go I see a sign saying to wear a mask. There is 1 restaurant I go to that has a sign saying something along the line of you are free to express your rights. No one on their staff wears a mask and they are nearly full to capacity everyday no social distancing. There is a pizza place in my town (has a mask sign) that if you ask the owner about masks he smiles, holds up his hands and says dont shoot. I also know of a homemade ice cream shop in my town that won't enforce a mask but still has a sign but won't enforce. If you want the mask to go away support the businesses that are standing up to the government.