MORE "CAPTURING CORONA" IMAGES COMING! ( Just When I Thought The Fun Was Over ) ====Bullhorn Barry (Photography Announcement) Phase two of my "Capturing Corona" Photo Series is underway! Two more photos are coming before the end of this month! I'm elated to say, my latest prop for my next photo has arrived in the mail today. So as soon as I get the chance to assemble the shoot and get it shot - it will be available. It could be a week or more before anyone sees them, so be patient. Right when I thought my photo series was over and finished, a second wave struck. Sorry, I couldn't resist the pun. Anyhoo, I've found great satisfaction in covering the lunacy and insanity of the Covid19/Lockdown/Shamdemic and I'm still hoping I can reach 50 photos! The next two photos will be Numbers 43 & 44 of the series. I'm sure I've missed some important aspects of the Shamdemic but I'm always keeping my eyes peeled and and an open MIND for something to capture. I've also asked you the MINDS Community for ideas as well but I have yet to hear any suggestions from the MINDS Community. if you have a good idea, please let me know and maybe it will end up in my series. PEACE #capturingcorona #daysofcorona #minds #photojournalism #photography