If taken at face value, we are at a .09% fatality for just what is on the headline or a .3% of known cases (positivity - regardless of the high volume of false positives) being fatal (with the knowledge that the number is dropping due to removal of people who died from other causes, ie stroke, heart attack, vehicular accident, etc). The media and liberals are trying so hard to keep everyone miserable during this off season flu, so they can blame the one man in Federal Government who was actually trying to slow it down while the opposing party tried to impeach him. Also, don' t forget the democrats that purposefully, and with intent placed very sick individuals into vulnerable populations that were stuck in secured locations. But not violent criminals, they were let free to travel into the general population who, under democrat rule, were not allowed to defend themselves. https://www.dailyherald.com/news/20200913/state-reports-1462-more-covid-19-cases-sunday-14-deaths