77-year-old Mike Brown was in the store by himself when four masked men entered, acting as customers, then proceeded with an alleged robbery attempt. Brown said the men forced him to the floor behind the counter and allegedly put a gun to the back of his head. He then told them he had a heart condition and needed to get his medicine. As the men walked away, Brown retrieved his gun, then shot when one of the men allegedly turned back toward him. Brown said, “I told him to stop. He turned around and I saw he had one handgun in his hand when he turned around.” The wounded suspect was hospitalized and is in custody. There are still three suspects on the loose. Brown’s message to the remaining suspects: “Don’t come back, I’ve got more ammo.” --Gun Store Owner Fakes Heart Attack, Shoots Alleged Armed Robber --https://www.breitbart.com/2nd-amendment/2020/09/13/gun-store-owner-who-shot-alleged-robber-dont-come-back-ive-got-more-ammo/ -RETRIEVED-Mon Sep 14 2020 09:19:08 GMT+0200 (Central European Summer Time)