University of Michigan puts out a whites only cafe

So when University of Michigan puts out a whites only cafe... is that... normal liberal policy? Because, let's be honest, they're not republicans. Yet, liberals constantly tell Black people how racist conservatives are. I don't know how to say it in English, but give me the peace. Democrats originated and have perfected racism to the point that they took over Black lives matter, to the point it's 90% white... and now proceed to destroy Black businesses and kill Black people, WHILE "PROTESTING" POLICE KILLING BLACK PEOPLE. You can't make this up. And if you're dumb enough to think the news showing 10 Black people, means Black people are looting all across the country, go check out the population demographics of Seattle, north dakota, san fran, oregon, etc. The news has the same agenda UofM has, racism. Show Black people in the worst light possible, while ignoring, literally ignoring the fact that the fires, looting, killing is being done by white people. I have an entire folder of 100% Black lives matter, white only rallys... "peaceful protestors". (I report for a living)