Some history: Jan Christian Smuts was one of the most influential people of the 20th Century. Not only for South Africa, but influential in world history. For us to understand the times, it is vital that we understand the role played by Jan Smuts and why. A graduate of both Stellenbosch and Cambridge Universities, Smuts was recruited to the globalist agenda of Cecil John Rhodes and the De Beers Mining Company. As State Attorney for the South African Republic, Smuts played a pivotal role in the Transvaal delegation which led to South Africa being torn apart by the ruinous Anglo-Boer War. Smuts also played a key role in bringing South Africa into both the First and Second World Wars, on the British side. Smuts drafted foundational documents for both the League of Nations and the United Nations and served in Lloyd George's War Cabinet during World War I. General smuts also played a key-role in deposing the extremely popular South African Prime Minister, General James Barry Hertzog, in September 1939 in order to lead South Africa into the Second World War. Jan Smuts then secretly shipped all the gold available in South Africa (20 million pounds) to America, on board the US Battle Cruiser, Quincy, to fund Britain's War. Considering his critical role in three of the most ruinous wars out country has ever been involved in, it is surprising how little is known of this intriguing man. Stephen Mitford Goodson has done us all a tremendous service by lifting the veil of secrecy on so many facts and facets of this extraordinary life, which has been so skillfully concealed from the public. Along with his outstanding biography on Hendrik Verwoerd - South Africa's Greatest Prime Minister, this new book on Jan Smuts is essential reading for anyone wanting to understand not only South African, but world history in the 20th century. YOu will be astounded at the role played by this extraordinary lawyer, politician and military leader and how his influence continues to affect us to this day.