The journey to birth heart, soul and feeling and unite it with mind, spirit and reason, is a daunting one - but it is the true challenge of our time. It's a challenge to bring balance to a world that has lost its way to one-sidedness, to polarising "sides" and splits; to the constant squabble of dissenting voices. But this global phenomenon is happening. Jung believed it would be the work of many, unique souls in their own personal work toward healing, and toward wholeness, that would catalyse this rippling effect of change - slowly but surely - through the collective. It's part of the human condition to feel overwhelmed or stuck, to suffer with the trials and difficulties of life, or to go through a dark night of the soul. And it is love and art, poetry and beauty that can usher the soul forward through such difficulties, reminding us that meaning is so often the light we need to continue on - a gentle but steady lantern, illuminating the dark. As so many of us move through our own personal challenges, know that while every story is different and our own, this strange, messy miracle called the human condition is one we also all share *together*. All of us. Together we can be lights for one another, along the way. And this is our aim and aspiration, here at Midwives, to do our small part to encourage the union, to offer nourishment along the sometimes difficult path. And while Leyla and I have put in much heart work in the few months we've been up and running, it truly is the wisdom you all bring that is particularly important to us - a universal dialect of soul and heart-wisdom that comes together for a while to rest here, from every corner of the globe. R.A. Falconer Leyla Aylin Midwives of the Soul art | Evgeny Lushpin