Guest on the news - "Hey American Shee...er I mean people. I'm some guy with some fancy institute name... I'm important and you're not, er I mean.. We have a great plan. Listen, I know that 54% of you losers...er uh, citizens don't want to have this Bill Gates concocted and funded poison, dammit I mean vaccine, plunged into your arms. So we are willing to PAY you a THOUSAND dollars a family member to take it. You know...being that the times are hard and all. Nevermind that we had everything to do with that but you didn't hear me just say that. CNBC anchors: But why pay them money??? Why not just make the vaxx mandatory? Tell them if they want their jobs, they HAVE TO GET IT. Guest on the news: Now now, let's not be too hasty. We'll go that route soon enough.. *cough cough* I mean uh, no see we want to gather them in nicely.... We want to use a little sugar and not a lot of vinegar... ya see? CNBC anchors: *shaking heads* Whatever dude. "Forcing them is the way to go." **Looks at camera** "Oh yeah, y'all are still there.. Ok that's it for the nightly mind control. Keep doin' as we say, and this will all go away." *Evil laughter from the control room* *broadcast ends* https://youtu.be/GuahyRgIZ_k