Your Cell Smartphone: As soon as you turn it on, is not yours anymore

~ 6:66 / 8:01 #seekingtruth "As soon as you turn it on, is not yours anymore" Alex 2 weeks ago (edited) It's called a CELL phone because it already has you imprisoned. 658 Question Everything — Thought Provoking Ideas Question Everything — Thought Provoking Ideas 2 weeks ago “The most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the government and I'm here to help.” ― Ronald Reagan 966 Prettywithsubstance Prettywithsubstance 2 weeks ago Can the government hear me say “hurry up and send that 2nd stimulus check” 129 CraquedEggs CraquedEggs 2 weeks ago (edited) Most of the time I leave my phone at home and check the messages when I get home. It's nice to be separated from technology. 404 Jrreik Levi Andaya Jrreik Levi Andaya 2 weeks ago (edited) video: phones are dangerous me: *watches this on my phone: 261 KD BEE KD BEE 2 weeks ago Whoever is watching me either needs therapy by now or they're ready to take up drinking heavily! 435 Gayle Williams Gayle Williams 4 days ago And of course, the technology is designed to be addictive. 23 curious one curious one 2 weeks ago I'll be glad when the ppl wake up ......WE ARE THE REAL POWER....THEY ARE 1%......WE ARE 99% OF THE POPULATION. ..THEY ONLY DO WHAT WE LET THEM DO 101 Dr. Jellyfingers Dr. Jellyfingers 2 weeks ago Technology has evolved to the point where the elites can actually carry out their twisted plan. 828 Awakening Music Awakening Music 2 weeks ago Nobody "needs" a smartphone. Almost everyone is addicted to them, so they compromise their privacy to feed their addiction. 69 Miles Aranas Miles Aranas 2 weeks ago Facebook is HIRING: *No need to apply we already have your data. Hahahaha peaceee😂😅 166 Dagar Dagar 2 weeks ago The average mobile user either doesn't care, doesn't know what is going on, or they know, but can't do anything about it. 55 Douglas Goldstein Douglas Goldstein 1 day ago HOW TO FIX THIS: Get rid of your phone and live a simple, more fulfilled life. 1 BlackPower Diva BlackPower Diva 2 weeks ago (edited) Be “hood” like me and literally keep tape over back & front phone camera holes until actually USING them. #word TURN IT FACE DOWN outside of using it. Outta HABIT. IDGAF how less than “classy” it supposedly looks! I beeeeen doing that. AND Covering TV 📺 LAPTOP 💻 camera hole & screen Now, it Doesn’t really stop 🛑 anything except the camera 🎥 scanning our f-ing corneas 👁 37 Jose Costell Jose Costell 2 weeks ago The other day I didn’t even ask “ hey google” a question — she just randomly said what was that ???? Remember ppl- your.— “hey google”. “Alexa” they all are listening 🤔 40 Peter A Peter A 2 weeks ago 16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. 17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. 18 He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. John 3:16-18 Jesus Christ is the only way. 71 Dr Dre Dr Dre 2 weeks ago All this thrash talk about Huawei and Tik Tok etc. spying on everyone when in actual fact it's the NSA that has back door access to all operating systems (see PRISM). Also, the video is silent on the role big data plays when augmented to neural networks and AI. The success of IoT deployment is largely dependent upon real-time access to and collection of user personal data 46 Frank Hartman Frank Hartman 2 weeks ago Satan's way of controlling every living thing on earth! 58 Aziz N Aziz N 2 weeks ago Why is everyone so afraid of technology? People did just fine without it up until 2000s 53 e w e w 2 weeks ago Whos cares what they do... I usually take my phone to the restroom so they can hear me taking a crap. 8 CraquedEggs CraquedEggs 2 weeks ago It's all about population control while maintaining their’ control to the end. 72 PREISING PRODUCTIONS PREISING PRODUCTIONS 2 weeks ago "They already know what you're looking at on the internet, they already know where your phone is moving, now they know what your heart rate is. And when you think your phone is off, it’s not off, it’s just pretending to be off. The Government knows everything about you. What happens when they start to intermix these and apply artificial intelligence to them?" ― Edward Snowden 1K Billy Walker Billy Walker 2 weeks ago I have this suspicion that we are constantly being watched by tech that we cannot even imagine.... invisible bubbles follow us around 24/7 recording our every move. Ive taken numerous pictures and insee them.... everywhere... I also see alien faces looking out from them.... the fallen.... we cant see them... but our cameras can catch a glimpse of them.... so dont worry, even though they know EVERYTHING about you God is in control!!! 37 John West John West 2 weeks ago The more we allow AI into our lives, the more we become subservient to corporate power and bigger governments. 33 Ana Miss Ana Miss 2 weeks ago They must think I'm a reclose Cuase I leave my phone at home 90% of the time 😂 19 Paul Eagle Mutuota Paul Eagle Mutuota 1 week ago Those special pouches are the solution now. The device is placed in darkness and quietness so it cannot record anything useful, plus it's disconnected from the network. And when you need to use the net, use a VPN. Your personal data is valuable and should remain personal. 3 Johann Rajan Johann Rajan 2 weeks ago (edited) They know your - Body - Personal Information - Heartbeat - Location - Conversations - Thumb Print It maybe very tough to be anonymous. But VPN's help. But who knows if they too are spying on you. 42 John Salvage John Salvage 2 weeks ago The so-called "technology" is not that advanced. Example, without the silicone chip, none of this would be possible. The rest of it, is simply an add-on. The way to stop all this, is go back to basics, and use simple tech. 29 J Blicc J Blicc 2 weeks ago Anyone who sees this live life for yourself, not other people. Meditate 👍 ALL GOOD VIBES! 8 Seth Maskovich Seth Maskovich 1 week ago "let's just say you don't pay for these free services with money..." 10 Chey Potier Chey Potier 2 weeks ago And what does everyone do? We all still use our phones knowing this, and they know this to. 🤷🏼‍♂️ 16 Arthur Dimmesdale Arthur Dimmesdale 2 weeks ago The Gov't has people SO brainwashed to be hooked on Facebook & their smartphones (because that's how they track you) that when someone, like myself, who doesn't own a smartphone or isn't on Facebook is looked at like an outcast. People are so blind to the fact that they're being tracked by their smartphones & their social media that they think we're the freaks for not having either. Obviously I have a PC, but it never leaves my house. My life is so much easier and better by NOT having a smartphone and NOT wasting my time on social media. Even without the Gov't tracking you on Facebook, I have better things to do than to watch people take selfies all day, I seriously don't care what people are having for dinner tonight & I have no tolerance for stupid people (meaning the ones who post all their private business out on Facebook then get mad when everyone knows all theri private business) 32 Mezz Marr Mezz Marr 2 weeks ago I hope they are listening, they’ll know what I really think of them. 5 MY FAVORITE TIKTOK MY FAVORITE TIKTOK 1 week ago It's something else coming that's beyond what's being revealed but, I know 2 Greatest Ever Greatest Ever 2 weeks ago (edited) Your phone could be off and your still being recorded 24/7. Remember when you could detach the battery from cell phone now you can't get into to the battery to remove it, there a reason for that your being recorded 543 Dave From OZ Dave From OZ 1 week ago The words of the teacher : [ Ecclesiastes 10 : 20 ] “ Do not curse the king, even in your thought ; Do not curse the rich, even in your bedroom ; For a bird of the air may carry your voice, And a bird in flight may tell the matter.” ( N K J V ) 1 Kunal D Kunal D 2 weeks ago It's crazy how big this scam is. 6 1alopezpr 1alopezpr 2 weeks ago (edited) "Terms of an agreement", have been there, way before the smartphone technology. Example: when someone apply for a job. Or as a waiver, when someone agrees to any conditions for whatever he or she is about to do, like bungee jumping, or sky diving, etc. Are contracts that a person most agree upon in order to proceed to such action ahead. A social conditioning, for what is to come. 8 bud ekins bud ekins 1 day ago The only 'good' thing about this is that murderers have been caught lying about their whereabouts by tracing their approximate location when their phone has been pinging off cell phone towers. Madame Jane Madame Jane 2 weeks ago Like Olaf said in Frozen 2, “The advancement of technology is both our saviour & our doom.” 8 Kim Senior Kim Senior 2 weeks ago Turned mine off & removed the SIM card as soon as ”Track & Trace” was mentioned, reusing my old Nokia C3! 22 Chubs Fatboy Chubs Fatboy 2 weeks ago If you ever seen the Star Trek Next Gen " The Game" is the deeper biggest problem! 5