Candace Owens Calls Out LeBron James & BLM For Racist Anti-Cop Rhetoric After LA Sheriff Ambush. On Sunday, conservative American hero Candace Owens ripped into celebrities like LeBron 'Jinping' James and radical leftwing Black Lives Matter terrorists for their “racist,” “anti-cop” rhetoric in light of the ambush on two Los Angeles sheriff’s deputies on Saturday night. Candace Owens blasted pea-brained LeBron 'Jinping' James for tweets he posted back in May that said black men in the United States are literally hunted every time they leave their homes. The two sheriffs deputies were shot in an unprovoked ambush attack. The two deputies were sitting in their parked vehicle outside of a train station when they were approached by a lefrwing terrorist who opened fire without apparent cause, leaving the two deputies severely wounded. Following the ambush, the deputies were taken by ambulance to a local hospital. As the pair were undergoing emergency surgery, leftwing Black Lives Matter terrorists moved to block hospital entrances and exits and shouted that they wanted the deputies to die. The leftwing BLM terrorists tried to storm the hospital’s emergency department. https://www.dailywire.com/news/candace-owens-calls-out-lebron-james-blm-for-anti-cop-rhetoric-after-la-sheriff-ambush