It seems far more reasonable lately to have the perspective suggested by the President of Belarus in that all the leaders and local pettifogging governors and officials have all been bribed with enough money to quarantine and lock down their populations and ruin the local and global economy... Then when the push back from people is enough, there comes a second tranche of money and the Empire/Oligarchy/Globaloney criminal cadre demand that the paid-off officials double down on the oppression exerted the first time. It fits the behaviour we've seen and the thought of bribes to enslave these countries is the only reason for the absolutely unreasonable actions of many governments, nationally and locally, i.e., they've been bought off by huge sums so that they can disappear when the heat gets too warm and the people revolt. Nothing else really makes sense, does it? And the fortunes of the "Olympians" is so vast that just one of them could pay off the world's debt with less than 10% of their wealth. Got that?