What is More Valuable, Moments of Life or Money?

If U were given $86,400 dollars every day of your life and were only allowed to keep what U spent that day, how much of that money would U spend every day? Well we are given 86,400 seconds of life with each day we live in life, If life truly has more value to U, I would think U would want to use every one of those seconds of life each day for positive memories so U can always get the most out of life each and every day. But a lot of people take time for granted and let those seconds go away without capturing the most value out of each of them, it may seem frivolous now but trust me one day U will regret not using more of them for positive memories rather than just existing in them. These words change my life 7 yrs ago and with what I have been through since then, 2 strokes 12 heart attacks 17 blood clots and being told I only have 3 days to live 3 days after my middle daughters wedding and then truly dying rapidly for 22 days so weak and sick I never knew if I would wake up the next morning for 18 of those days, it is hard to go to sleep knowing it could be the last time I would ever close my eyes again in life. The only thing that kept me in peace was knowing I had one fucking amazing life and never took one moment for granted for the last 4 years prior because of these words right here. #madzwords #lifewords #life #minds #quoteoftheday