Artist Jaroslaw Jasnikowski Jaroslaw Jasnikowski - Polish painter, born in 1976 in Legnica. He has been painting since 1991. His first works are created in the science-fiction art trend, but in 1998, under the influence of Wojtek Siudmak's exhibition in his hometown and meetings with the artist himself, Jasnikowski begins experiments with surrealism. During this time his works are dark and psychedelic, but more and more often references to technique appear in Jasnikowski's paintings; flying machines, steam engines, or clock mechanisms, and his interest in Gothic architecture is revealed. With time, his painting acquires the characteristics of steampunk. The artist's painting is becoming more and more thematically coherent, Jasnikowski creates the history of "Alternative Worlds" - a fantastic reality in which other laws of physics operate. He tells the story of a world broken into millions of islands drifting in space, where the biggest sense of people living in this world is the need to travel. For the needs of his world, the artist creates huge surreal machines that challenge their world with their monumentality, while at the same time expressing the pride of their constructors. An important topic in Jasnikowski's paintings is also time and the passing of time as a factor inscribed in the world he created. However, time in his paintings adopts various values ??and properties. It is not fully linear, not measurable, and often acquires material characteristics. Jaroslaw Jasnikowski, who is also interested in physics and astronomy, allows himself to freely manipulate the laws of science, creating it as if from scratch. references to philosophy, theology and history also appear in the paintings of this artist... Source: http://www.jaroslawjasnikowski.pl/biografia #surrealism #art #painting #contemporary