Artist Jan Teunissen Jan Teunissen, born in 1949, grew up in Zeelst, in the south of The Netherlands under the smoke of Eindhoven. He lives and works in Best, also located in North Brabant. Initially, he followed a technical education and graduated as a business engineer. Until 2002, he did this alongside a job in business, after which he focused on painting. Teunissen creates still life with images of utensils and food such as bread and fruit. So lifelike, and basically no bigger than in real life, these paintings are painted in such a realistic way that they evoke comments and have ratings such as: “So real you would take a bite out of it.”, “You can smell what fruit it’s all about” or “Any moment a worm can crawl out of those pears”. Studying many pieces of art from the old masters, dealing with fellow painters, and especially experimenting with materials and subjects, gave Teunissen the ability to make realistic paintings in a responsible and artistic way. The works of Jan Teunissen: still life, flowers, portraits and more, get more and more attention and are exhibited both nationally and internationally. Source: https://www.mrwallski.com/artists/jan-teunissen #art #painting #stilllife #fruits