DONATE via Paypal ➜ SUBSCRIBESTAR ➜ If George Orwell were alive today, he would be very proud and impressed with the current state of the surveillance control grid and big brothers ability to track trace and database everything you do! But not only that, he would blush over the current relationship between the major tech conglomerates and big brother who have colluded and collaborated together to create the COVID-19(84) nightmare! Apple and Google just announced that they will now build their Covid-19(84) contact tracing software right into your phone without the need to download an app! In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth shows the incremental moves that are slowly but surly marching society toward a big brother nightmare that will soon have no option of opting out, all for your safety of course! Sources: Watch: HIDDEN CAMERA UNDERCOVER INVESTIGATION REVEALS CONTACT TRACING PRIVACY VIOLATIONS!!! Watch: BC Government Gives Away 3,500 Smartphones To Contact Trace The Homeless!! GET YOUR PFT PRIVACY PROTECTOR HERE: Stay Up To Date With Dan Dicks of Press For Truth HERE ➜ SUBSCRIBE: BITCHUTE ➜ LBRY ➜ FLOTE ➜ DLIVE ➜ HIVE ➜ MINDS ➜ SUPPORT: PATREON ➜ SUBSCRIBESTAR ➜ DONATE via Paypal ➜ GoGetFunding ➜ Or you can send an e-transfer to FOLLOW: PARLER ➜ INSTAGRAM ➜ TWITTER ➜!/DanDicksPFT STEEMIT ➜ DTUBE ➜!/c/pressfortruth GAB ➜