"The Goodyear Tire Company has turned out to have a policy that bans "Blue Lives Matter", which opposes the murder of police officers, "All Lives Matter" which opposes murder in general, and also opposes the racial violence and rioting associated with Black Lives Matter, MAGA attire specificailly, and all "political" slogans and attire. Acceptable are "Black Lives Matter" and all kinds of LBTQetc. slogans and banners." The double standard here is that BLM and LBTQetc are somehow not "discriminatory" or racist, or even political. And the ban on "Blue Lives" and "All Lives" is because they're implicitly white. Of course, Corporate HR departments are always anti-white, and they get their power from "hostile environment" law." https://vdare.com/posts/goodyear-s-white-lives-matter-ban-only-the-latest-in-corporate-double-standards #Goodyear