https://youtu.be/BYJ0i-cVZMI Q Anon Democrat National Convention Speeches Pre-Recorded (AOC Endorses Bernie Sanders For President) And The Mystery (Self-Destruction And White Hats Infiltrated House Majority Or...), More Q Anon Supporters Running For House GOP Primaries (After Marjorie Taylor Greene In Georgia- 7 Out Of 27 Q Supporters Running For Congressional Seats In Florida), Postmaster General Allows Vote By Mail (And Trump Warns That Elections Will Be Rigged And Redo May Occur), Kevin Clinesmith To Plead Guilty (To Obama Appointed FISC Judge) #QAnon #DemocratNationalConvention #AOCEndorsesBernieSandersForPresident #DNCTapedSpeeches #USPostmasterGeneralAllowsForVoteByMail