SHOCK: CNN Guest Courageously Asks Why Bill Clinton Hasn’t Been “Canceled” One CNN guest addressed the elephant in the room Tuesday night about former President Bill Clinton being a guest at the Democratic National Convention, wondering why he hasn’t been “canceled” yet. Republican contributor Scott Jennings made the comment after Van Jones and former Democratic Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm said they were looking forward to his appearance. "I have to say... I am dumbfounded by this. How is it that Bill Clinton has not been canceled by the Democratic -- how has he survived all of these waves of cancellations when he has been one of the biggest violators of these rules all these years?" Jennings asked. "We believe in redemption, brother," Jones replied. Jennings then pointed out the hypocrisy of their arguments. “We talked about the use of character to try to say Donald Trump is a man of low character, Joe Biden is … He’s fair game on that,” he said. “That’s totally fine. So you’re going to say that in one breath and then say, ‘Character matters. Ladies and gentlemen, Bill Clinton.’ Does this make sense to anyone? If you want Republicans to vote for Joe Biden, having Bill Clinton talk about character and not hav[ing] drama in the Oval Office—is that the right answer?" The Democrats then made excuses for Clinton, including that he "has acknowledged his wrongdoing" and "apologized."