Democrats Are Lying To Create Hate Why Wait For Lies? Attack Is Best Defense Stating Facts Prove They Liars: 1. Social Security is Direct Deposit Not Mailed. What is Percentage Get From Gov't Site So They Can't Say You Made it up! 2.Postal Debt From Post Office Budget Facts Don't lie! 3.Ronald Regan Made Postal Service Separate Self Funding Organization Not Paid By Taxes. Say It Many Don't Know Still Think Paid By Taxes! 4. Postal Service Has The Christmas Surge Capacity Built in Problems Are The States Don't Have The Ability To Process Signature Verification of All Mail Ballots! 5.Democrats Have Been Arrested For Voter Fraud Of Mail in Ballots And States Have Built in Methods To Single Out Republican Votes By Using Envelopes That Show Republicans Voting Boxes So They Can Be Sorted Out And Discarded! 6.Democrats Are Unable To Purge Dead Voters Rolls Which Include Dead People And Animals Pets Receiving Blanket Mail in Ballots! 7. Demand Voter Registration ID'S Now Along With Universal Mail in Ballots To Prevent Fraud! 8. Mandatory Date Postal Mark On All Mail in Ballots To Avoid Cheating with No Found Last Minute Mail Ballots Allowed!