HOW? Our lives and our societies have been seized and shut down (to some degree or other). How could this planetary "lockdown" have happened? The answer is quite simple: We the People were never in control. We have been ruled by oligarchic cabals for centuries--through "representative" political systems that represent and serve a plutocratic master class, not us, the general population. For the most part, the Oligarchy has seen fit to allow us a fair degree of liberty while they raked in the treasure we produced. But whatever freedom we've had has always been at their sufferance, because they, not we, are the ones who hold the ultimate reins of power. THEY are the ones who control government, and they can use it against us at any time and in any way they choose. This is what has to change. We have to take government out of the hands of psychopathic elites and put it into our own hands. That is called DEMOCRACY (described in the website below). It's amazing how few people get this simple logic. They better learn very quickly, or our prison term will be harsh and lengthy. https://www.raftd.org/