Block Chain Voting is unconstitutional. Only the States can do Voting. This is Federalization of Election. Globalism! Trust a Luceferian Government? It is very easily manipulated and controlled! Just like every thing else on the Internet! This Is the ultimate in Corruption. This is worse than Centralized Banking. Centralized Voting. This is Corruption. Evil! Demonic. Any thing Block Chain is Crypto, Crypto means Death. It is Treason, Election Rigging. This is not Natural nor nature nor Nature's God but Demonic Satanic! Communism! There is no way Human Beings can trust or should trust a Machine, or can legally be asked to Trust, a computer, It is all Un Natural. This is Obama Federalizing the Elections. The Democrats don't like it "Right Now" Because they are not in control of the AI. The Computer needs updates, maintenance, etc. Someone some where will have classified legal entrance into back doors and right through the front door. Don't lie to yourself. You know your tech department at your work, which would be people at the NSA, or Defense Department, The United States Post Office has complete assess to the inner workings of any votes. And WILL manipulate all outcomes!