MUST-SEE analysis about the Wuhan / Covid-19 "Casedemic": This expert provides all the data to confirm what I've also pointed out for weeks now: this Coronavirus infection follows exactly the same pattern as all the other similar virus infections: A major impact at the beginning as the virus spreads through the population, a large number of deaths as the most vulnerable individuals become victims of the epidemic, a large number of ICU cases. Then the number of deaths and ICU cases drop to practically zero. But testing for the virus will reveal a huge number of cases although practically no one is seriously affected anymore. No one is dying. It's a CASEDEMIC! In Sweden, the number of deaths from Covid-19 is down to practically zero and they have just 32 ICU beds in use for Covid-19 patients now - no lockdown, no masks. Their maximum hospital load was 60%. The Casedemic is used to drive a totally pointless panic. The exact same happened in 2009 with the Swineflu: huge number of cases, no more deaths, then it disappeared. THERE IS NO NEED FOR A VACCINE! Any vaccine would be like a vaccine for the 'flu: useless for the next epidemic. The current panic is driven by the desire for PROFITS from vaccines and POLITICAL CONTROL. There is no justification for a lockdown or masks!