Dystopian Britain

Oldham is 48 hours away from potentially being ordered into a 'catastrophic' Leicester-style lockdown by ministers, its council leader has said. It seems we are being primed for another nationwide full lockdown, after all the last one did not totally wreck the economy, it will of course give the NHS workers more time to work on their tiktok dance videos, funny how the mantra save the NHS is no longer being used by the MSM/Government propaganda machine. The first thing to be closed again will be the pubs in an effort to destroy the social fabric of the country, this is of course essential to control the sheeple, dissent will not be tolerated and there is an army of Karens out there eager to enforce the governments rules and guidelines, being part of the collective fills them with a warm glow of self righteousness. #tyranny #freedom #freespeech #censorship