What You Should Do When Someone Is Choking The air passage in our throat is quite a narrow one and most times, food particles tend to get in the way and obstruct the movement of air. This condition is known as Choking and it's a very serious case that can lead to death if not handled properly. Usually, when someone chokes on something liquid or a small piece of food, the person starts coughing and may be able to clear his/her airway in few seconds. But when its a larger piece of solid food, the person might need help. The following is the first aid procedure you should give to a choking person and this procedure is called "The Heimlich Maneuver" All you have to do is to stand behind the person and put your hands around their waist. Then you fold one of your hands into a fist and place the second hand on top of the fist.. After that, with a fast upward thrust, attempt to dislodge the food. After five consecutive push, check the person's mouth to see if the particle has been dislodged. And if not, continue in the same procedure. When the particle is finally dislodged, dispose it and try breathing into the person's mouth (just the way its done in CPR). You can also see the doctor if the person feels any sign of pain in the gastrointestinal tract afterwards. ..and that's it! Everyone needs to learn this simple procedure as you may have to save a life with it one day! Until we meet in my next post, stay healthy😊.