One-Way Street: Anti-Conversion Laws Seek To Outlaw Anyone Leaving the LGBTQ Lifestyle “Conversion therapy” hasn’t been practised for decades, yet it’s a front-line concern for LGBT groups. With how irrelevant anti-conversion therapy laws are, the implication is that the LGBTQAAI+ religion is seeking to outlaw anyone from leaving the LGBT lifestyle. It’s highly probable then, that these laws are a trojan horse for even more laws. Laws that would consider it a criminal offence for anyone to help a person move beyond a lifestyle that encourages people to centre their entire identity on PRIDE, sameness, segregation, sexual preference, and sometimes clearly discernible misogyny or misandry. As Caldron Pool’s editor, Ben Davis pointed out earlier this week, “the ultimate push is to prohibit parents, pastors and religious leaders from calling people to repentance from “sexual immorality” as defined by the Bible. In their view, moral judgments, particularly as they relate to sexuality, should now be determined and imposed by the State, not God.” These new cultural laws appear to lock individuals into a way of life, by locking other people out. If so, it’s misleading to defend these laws as truly inclusive, liberating or even empowering. With its negative implications for freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, and freedom of religion, anti-“conversion laws” are potentially as oppressive for the LGBT community as they are for the 97% heterosexual majority.