Did you know that as much as there's degradation to nature. It's farmers that are the ones that keep nature safe the most. They're the only ones that instead of just killing will double the plantation of that plant THEY HAVE AVOIDED A LOT OF LIFE COMPLICATIONS. They keep plants and greenlife generally in control and keep it in line with humans too. They take from the plants and also give back to them. They're real saviors. You might not know how they are but think of this. Imagine how the world would be without those that produce the food we eat. Those that take their time to make sure there's accurate food supply around the globe. And after all these still make sure that greenlife continues. THE BALANCE BETWEEN HUMANS AND GREEN. Let's emulate the farmers not by their work but the purpose of their work and that's balance. The balance between the ecosystem. It's not an easy task I must say so myself but it's possible and if we all do it, were going to be making the world a better place. : ) https://read.cash/@Aniss_Emma/what-farmers-really-do-42b15087