It's kind of a self portrait, maybe not the most flattering, I don't drink recreationally and I find smokes repulsive but this is what I feel like I might come across to some folks as. Part of the reason I'm on minds is because I got yeeted from Facebook in the past for answering a question a friend posed to me on philosophy but alas, my thoughts were too real. I like talking about these sorts of things but I rarely get the opportunity and honestly I avoid it when situations where I might come up. I was listening to a man named Douglas Murray, a cool British dude, who said that my perspective was that of a maniac, and that felt pretty bad, sine I don't think I'm all that maniacal. Anyways, Minds is nice, because I don't have to really worry about being yeeted. I do worry that at some point though, those that would seek to censure will be legitimately mighty rather than perceptively mighty. And I think we've seen that when they have the ability to affect their surroundings they do, while the good do not. I feel rather negative this midnight, but I swear, I'm genuinely happy go lucky, maybe even a bit plucky. I think my brutalist (is that the name of the idealogy?) perspective enables me to be, and I strive to be mighty to be good! But sometimes I worry. When I'm finally able to retire, if lady luck wills it, then I want to buy a sail boat, outfit it with some modern luxuries, and putt around the pacific. There's something calming about being at the disposition of nature, which will always be mightier, than at the disposition of your fellow man. Although, I'm rather certain, that wont really be possible in the future even! Every thing I see points to a paradigm shift where the mighty will no longer need those less mighty than them, and that destroys the natural incentive for good. Awfully scary if you ask me. Hey, while you're alive, please do me a personal favor, whether you're mighty or not, enjoy your life! I'll stop rambling here!