The skin pt 2

Hello people, welcome back..Im going to continue with the topic raised yesterday, so if you missed that post, you can go check it out on my channel. Let's begin... Remember we established that the skin is an external protective covering, as such it is more exposed to injurious agents in our environment e.g pollutants, microbes etc... These agents can in turn negatively affect the skin. But everyone desires to have a healthy skin. Infact, this is one organ that people pay close attention to, in order to ensure it's in a perfect state. Once an abnormality is noticed, all hands are on deck to tackle the issue. This has in turn favoured the growth of the skin care/cosmetic industry and other aesthetic activities...Over the years, there has been a rise in the patronage of a wide range of skin care products and even aesthetic procedures like fillers, botox etc. So let's get your comments on this matter, do you think there is an increased patronage of the cosmetic industry now more than ever??? Subscribe to this channel for more information on this topic🍸🍸🍸