CRUEL EXISTENCE there was never a melody I listened to beside the beating of this lonely heart trembling through the darkness I go to whispers from winds about to depart I seek to the sky knowing not who I am, the reflection of pools in the heat of sun that face staring, o I know not who I am these gifts of night, when flowers glisten What does it all mean? is anything more? I know not where this mind comes from the easy silver of lights before my shore has the creator left us in this spectrum? I seek to the wind knowing not who I am the feeble air that fills my being through It holds every single thing, even the lamb the barren boughs that one day just grew slowly dawning is my time, a sailing moon I continue breathing, led by a heart-beat daring to find self in the gloom, and noon in Amsterdam snowflakes and African heat I seek to the earth knowing not who I am, reality or dream, I know not the difference the rage of wind at my door, when I slam what does it all mean? this cruel existence.