I'm lost in thought as to what i should pen down as I'm not a man of many words but I'll try... Sometimes i feel these beautiful thoughts of you hovering around my head aren't mine because having them in reality would open me up to a place the bible classified as a place of rest... I have no doubt love is the most abused word right now but i still opted for it because as a child i was taught to believe in love no matter what everyone thinks about it because the world was founded on it... I have never doubted my sanity not until i started reading your messages and emoji replies, i would finish laughing before realises it wasn't suppose to be what warranted a smile... The day you said someone else had to heart, it got to me as a pain but because everything around you brings joy to me i had no choice but to receive it as a sweet pain... I'm not sure if it's proper to say i love you knowing that i might not get the chance to wake up next to you every morning of my life but i want you to know that if you're asked to name someone that loves you .....Don't think twice before calling my name I care