Report: Obama/Brennan Imported Overseas Terrorists Into US To Form ANTIFA Many Americans to this day are wondering how all of this violence, mayhem, riots, and criminality came upon America. It’s as if someone just flipped a switch, and it all started, and our world changed. Well, that is essentially what happened. The groups that are executing this insurrection were carefully planted, groomed, and prepared by the Obama administration and its remaining shadow government once President Trump was elected, just waiting for the green light to burn, destroy, and yes, even kill. You see, it was all planned. This is what one investigative reporter, George Elliason, who lives in the Donbass region of East Ukraine, is proposing, and it makes sense. We posted other research from Elliason a couple weeks ago here. You can read his new piece out today here. Elliason’s theory is that Brennan filled the ANTIFA funnel into America over the last decade with terrorists trained in Syria and Ukraine. He calls them ‘nationalists’. We think the term that fits is fascists, meaning those that will hurt you if you don’t believe and support their political agenda. Nationalist doesn’t necessarily need to be a dirty word. There are plenty of American nationalists, those that believe in the vision of our Founding Fathers versus some globalist, communist world government garbage. In any event, once again, we find Elliason’s meticulous research intriguing, and thought the American people should be aware of it. History will remember this as John Brennan’s insurgency. The outgoing CIA director beefed up a domestic insurgent movement with foreign fighters on behalf of the Obama-Biden administration, writes Elliason. The play the DNC is making goes much further than winning election 2020. The fact they are willing to attack and destroy part of their own base should have done more than raise a few eyebrows. The major political shift away from American Democracy isn’t toward socialism. It’s toward an integral nationalism that takes away political accountability to the people and makes officeholders immune to prosecution for any crime they commit. What you are witnessing today aren’t protests, it’s the new way politics are done. First Elliason presents evidence that ANTIFA’s political overseers are located outside the country, in Europe, Germany primarily. After finding the main site, it was as simple as looking back over time. We have the original Antifa website. Looking back over time on the Internet archive this wasn’t difficult to find. This site has been featured in media because of its message to Donald Trump. In 1999 and in subsequent years the language flips from German to English and back a few times which is an unusual thing for a website with a Seattle Washington IP address. Elliason actually doxes the person currently running the website he says is directing ANTIFA attacks in the United States. Utzer is the German directing the traffic for American Antifa seditionists willing to murder and destroying their own cities for a foreign hacker-politico who owns a little security company and loves dogs. My guess is until he sees his face here, Utzer is laughing at you. When you scroll your mouse over the author’s name, the language reverts to German. The Pirate Party in Germany is both the leader of Antifa and the political representation for Antifa in Germany. You read that right. Antifa’s political representation is in Europe. Antifa, BLM, and other groups were brought in to create a funnel catching disenfranchised people from across the spectrum bringing them under one umbrella for the IO coup project. Let’s be clear. A German political party with European Parliament representation declared war on the nascent presidency of Donald Trump in no uncertain terms in early December 2016. Elliason then ties ANTIFA into Alexandra Chalupa’s actions in Ukraine for Hillary Clinton in 2016. If you look at the date it was just in time to join the beginning of Alexandra Chalupa’s IO coup effort to destroy the Trump Presidency beginning to come together in mid-November 2016 and led to the combined group protests in early 2017 with the singular purpose expressed in the tweet above. Antifa and its Pirate Party leadership are in league with extremist Right Sector (Pravy Sektor) leadership in Ukraine. You’ll soon see Seattle was loaded with Ukrainian nationalists under Pravy Sektor’s control from the beginning of 2017 onward. Now we have a historical relationship established between Antifa and their political wing, the German Pirate Party, the EFA, and Ukrainian OUN nationalists. …many that went over after John Brennan’s visit to Ukraine in November 2016 (there’s that date again) to prepare the way for experienced murderers to come to the US under the Dreamer Act. The disproportionate number of asylum seekers that are congregated around Seattle, Washington are from the Ukrainian OUN volunteer battalions controlled by Pravy Sektor’s Dimitry Yarosh, summarizes Elliason. Elliason says he will outline the Syrian connection in his next article. And then there’s this… ‘Best Friend’ of NYPD Bomber Was Obama Intel Aid With Ties to CAIR and Soros Rizvi, who bailed out her “best friend,” is a former Obama White House intelligence analyst who reportedly worked for the NSA, the State Department, and the Pentagon. She was an Islamic outreach coordinator for the Obama Administration. Her college was paid for by Paul Soros, George’s brother, and by the Council On American Islamic Relations (CAIR) through the Islamic Scholarship Fund. In her bio with the Islamic Scholarship Fund, Rizvi claims she had input on the Obama Daily Briefing, no small thing. Again with Elliason, the details are extensive and time consuming to digest, but the overall picture of what has happened in America is becoming much clearer with each of his articles.