There comes a phase in one life that looks like all the harsh pressure of the earth is on one's life. You just find yourself struggling. This time, if you are privileged to have Christ, you keep on praying and fasting but still, nothing changes for good. Hard times are expected in the journey of life to proof our beliefs, principles, standards, mentality, patience, endurance, longsuffering, faith, peace and many more laws/doctrines that our life rest on. But after the pressure is expected a costly result: either you come out shining and better or you look more worse than who you used to be. To claim to want to live a smooth life all through is to not want to live a fulfilling life. Hello, whenever your hard times come, be careful that you don't lose touch of who you are. Know that hard times are costly that must birth something; either greatness or failure. Be patient enough to endure through the time and learn. Hard times proof us!