Never have been a Silver Dollar City fan. And with these "guidelines" in place...why anyone else would go right now is beyond me. If you are THAT frightened of getting the Bat Stew Flu...for cryin' out loud, just stay home. Allow the rest of us to get ON with LIFE! Please see the comments for a link to the LENGTHY List of Mandates you are required to follow in order for you to spend big bucks to take your children to Silver Dollar City. Big bucks spent for WHAT? A beloved childhood experience? Oh no. In 2020, THIS is NOT that. But they still expect you to pay for the "full experience". Make your own fun, stay out of Branson. == What to Expect at Silver Dollar City this Year: Each Silver Dollar City employee AND guest is expected to follow the six main guidelines below: -Daily capacity will be limited – Season Pass-holder Reservations are required and date-based tickets will be available for general admission. -Face masks or face coverings are required for all visitors ages 3 and up. -Temperature screenings will be taken prior to entry. -Attraction and dining capacities will be limited to allow guests to have more space to move around during their visit. -Physical distancing measures have been put in place including physically distanced queues, marked barriers and social distancing reminders. -Additional sanitation measures have been implemented. This includes high touch point areas being cleaned more frequently and providing additional hand sanitizing locations. == 🤡🌎🦇🦠😷🐑🍕⛩🤡🌎☠️😠😤😡🤬🦅💰🎯☄️🐉💥💡 Please, visit @TheStrike! Channel to catch what you might have missed in your MindsFeed. ~/~/~/~~/~/~/~~/~/~/~~/~/~/~~/~/~/~ Like what we do? Kindly Comment, Tip a Token, Remind & Subscribe to . . . The Strike! 💡💡💡 #RedPill #News #Covid19 #Humor #Memes https://www.explorebranson.com/article/what-expect-silver-dollar-city-year