"This mission will be the first to visit a metallic asteroid, and the more we, the scientific community, know about Psyche prior to launch, the more likely the mission will have the most appropriate tools for examining Psyche and collecting data," said Wendy K. Caldwell, Los Alamos National Laboratory Chick Keller Postdoctoral Fellow and lead author on a paper published recently in the journal Icarus. "Psyche is an interesting body to study because it is likely the remnant of a planetary core that was disrupted during the accretion stage, and we can learn a lot about planetary formation from Psyche if it is indeed primarily metallic." Modeling impact structures on Psyche contributes to our understanding of metallic bodies and how cratering processes on large metal objects differ from those on rocky and icy bodies, she noted. Or , maybe it's a remnant of the former planet Malona Malona, also called Malon and Phaeton. Is a former planet in our star system that is now the asteroid belt. There are a number of scientifically supported theories about it. It once orbited between Mars and Jupiter and was once a home for over 400,000,000 human beings who were the direct descendants of a genetically manipulated peoples that originated from the Sirius star system, long ago. 73,000 years ago the human beings on Malona fought each other in a war that ended with the planet's destruction, which affected Mars too. https://phys.org/news/2020-08-main-belt-asteroid-psyche-remnant.html