They are Absolutely correct! He has made mandates that have increased both air and water pollution. These mandates are directly responsible for the deaths of 9,000+ at risk Americans. His Tariffs has cost American families more than a Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00) a year. There are fewer manufacturing jobs in America today than the day he took office. Coal production is way down (but he didn’t do that). 7,000 coal mining jobs have just evaporated since he took office. He has separated immigrant children from their families and had them imprisoned in chain link fence cages. There are shortages in our food supply. The cost of beef and pork is up 20%. As of today 171,000 Americans have died from the pandemic. We are paying for Donny’s wall, not Mexico. He has proven, stating publicly that his defunding the Post Office is his attempt to suppress the mail-in vote. Now that’s something the Republicans should be proud of. Donny did give the 1% and all the Fortune 500 companies “Yuge” Tax Breaks. I mean, Amazon paid no Federal taxes last year, not one dime! And they are not the only Fortune 500 company that did not pay any taxes last year. There were 90 more! How many billions does Bezos really need anyway? We’re in the middle of a recession. Donny did that. Unemployment is at 10+%. Donny did that. Tens of thousands of small American business have failed, permanently in the last six months. Donny did that. His negotiations with North Korea have had all the fanfare he ever could have wanted but sadly, the North Korean Premier only got to expand, and increase his nuclear weapons inventory and intercontinental delivery systems. Great negotiating, just great. Hooray for Rocket Man. He got everything he wanted and more. Donny did that. And now the E.U. is pissed off at us because of Donny’s tariffs, penalties, threats to their Banks and all the other assorted financial bullshit from a guy with a real estate degree. Ray, rah Donny! And we still can’t travel to the E.U. because he never even attempted to control the pandemic that’s surging across America. They’re afraid we are going to reinfect them with the Coronavirus. Hooray for Donny and his complete and utter failure to manage the Coronavirus pandemic. And Donny made the Affordable Care Act more expensive every year since taking office while right now, today trying to have it invalidated by the Supreme Court in the middle of the pandemic. Now that’s something. Way to go Donny!