A new study by brainwashed idiots at an indoctrination center called Harvard University says that whoredom and prostitution ("hooking up" in doublespeak) carries some risk for transmitting COVID19 from one partner to the other and recommends wearing a face mask while doing it! Yep, when you pick up a hoe from a prostitution app like Tinder you'll need to wear a face diaper from now on according to this new junk study. For your safety, of course. That also means no more oral sex obviously. The junk study also recommends avoiding kissing, shower before and after, and clean the space with alcohol wipes or soap. Yes, because nothing says love than treating it as a disease. The junk study ends by recommending NOT having any sexual activity whatsoever because it's the safest approach according to these idiots. And while we're talking about sex, HIV first surfaced 40 years ago and until today men are forced to wear a diaper on their di*ks like idiots. Four decades passed and yet there's no vaccine for HIV. And now we have COVID19 and people are walking around wearing a face diaper. Do you really think that it'll be over soon? It'll be over ONLY when the criminal cabal of international bankers who planned this crisis says it is over. It could take 5 years or 5 decades. Yes, 5 decades from now cops will still roam around enforcing masks and social distancing. Have you accepted the new abnormal? #HarvardUniversity #COVID19 #GRID #HIV #HIVvirus Sources: https://is.gd/bdubxc https://is.gd/B9pFTy https://is.gd/vwz2Ed https://is.gd/EaGBPn https://is.gd/vx584N https://is.gd/6mDOmJ https://is.gd/mVysoA https://is.gd/wmbDvI https://is.gd/Xp9BTz https://is.gd/91RpNz https://is.gd/MFck7L https://is.gd/4NU9yl https://is.gd/qXhx8b https://is.gd/Z1NFpA https://is.gd/FqKqWf https://is.gd/tmGps0