YouTube and Google's ToS are spread out over 90 web pages and three layers of "digital fine print" and when combined with them constantly changing their ToS without any meaningful notice or input from their content creators, makes their ToS an obviously unconscionable contract. Before my lawsuit, this was never challenged...by anyone. No one ever spoke about this. This is the first time, to my knowledge, anyone has ever address this glaring weakness shared by all big tech. A weakness that many, including Rekeita Law, YouTuber Law and many other legal experts should have seen, but failed to exploit, let alone talk about. Free Speech doesn't exist if those who have the voice to defend it refuse to do so. Remember, a strongly worded video, without action, is just that...words. This is why I sued Google and YouTube. I backed my words with actions. This is something that very few online voices possessed the courage to do. - With that in mind, I'll be uploading the majority of my videos to Bitchute and other platforms moving forward, though this channel shall still exist until it eventually gets banned. Let me explain why: - My last few videos, despite the fact that my YouTube channel has over 13 times more subscribers than my Bitchute channel, I only get 5 times more views on YouTube as I do on Bitchute. Over half my subscribers aren't notified when I publish a new video. This tells me that, per subscriber, my video reach on Bitchute and other platforms is far higher than it is on YouTube. - When comparing my Twitter account to my Gab or my Minds accounts, I have nearly 4 times the reach on Gab and nearly 6 times the reach on Minds.com. Further, if I used Facebook, which I don't, Facebook limits reach to about 6% of followers and has publicly admitted this a long time ago. Remember, Facebook's 6% reach is BEFORE any shadow-banning or limitation of accounts. - Please understand, I create these videos to educate and inform...not to earn a living, which I've always done elsewhere. This sets me apart from nearly every other YouTube content creator, who's primary income source is video content creation, product shilling, and e-begging. While my channel has seen some financial success when it was monetized and before I chose to leave Patreon, it was never my primary source of income. I make the videos that I make, not because I'm shilling to a specific audience (though my primary target audience is men), but rather because I believe in the messages that I convey, and while these messages aren't always popular, they are sincere and based on verifiable facts and observable realities. This is why even those who despise me or are otherwise critical of my content never attack my arguments, they merely make personal and character attacks in hopes that they prevent people from hearing my message, primarily because they have no counter point to the positions I take. Personal and ad hom attacks are not only logical fallacies, they're admissions that my critics are incapable of making credible challenges to my arguments, which says more about them than it does about me. - NOTE: When it comes to shilling, sponsored videos on my channel are the exception, not the rule. When I've done them, I've never accepted payment. Further, I've never done a sponsored video that I didn't 100% support the sponsor at the time the video was released. - Remember, the red pill is the uncomfortable truth...not the comfortable lie. To be clear, A message designed to feed confirmation bias inflicted fanboi fanatics, or enhance an echo chamber is not a redpilled message. Unlike other content creators, I don't require my viewers to agree with me 100%. This is because I'm not insecure in my message. With that said, I also don't entertain concern trolls or those who comment insincerely. If you can't critically think for yourself, you're not red pilled, you're a #metoo sheep addicted to cosplay redpilled messages because you're incapable of internal validation. Like any addict, you've gotta break the addiction cycle in order to improve your life. - With this necessary tangent out of the way, the only people who have any success on YouTube are sellouts like Steven Crowder, who its clear, made backdoor deals with YouTube to regain his monetization (he's publicly admitted that his attorneys did many back-door negotiations with YouTube); Tim Pool, who couldn't find his spine with a GPS and Survey Team (he self censors himself to the point of proving his sole motivation is money and fame, rather than anything related to altruism or strength of character); or formerly mainstream content creators like Jeremy "The Quartering" who completely censor their language and message, out of fear of YouTube censorship. - To be clear, today, most YouTubers are "frogs in the pot" and the pot is boiling. - YouTube and other big tech platforms fraudulently promote and enhance the reach of content creators who speak against those of us who remain true to our morals and values. Those voices promoted are the ones that tow the communist/socialist/SJW/Feminist/Science-Denier narrative and propaganda. Everyone else gets the digital knife. Their messages and voices are deleted, shadow-banned, and targeted for discrimination on and off the internet. - Further, remember when YouTube said that they would be giving warnings rather than strikes and that those warnings would expire after 120 days? Yea...that was a lie...see the attached screenshot which proves it. They removed my NZ shooter video nearly a year and a half ago, but I still have a warning on my account. Apparently, if your channel is targeted for discrimination because you're a patriotic American who supports christian values and opposes the communist/socialist//feminist/SJW agenda or if you're not a science denier (pro trans), or pro-welfare state, this sort of discrimination is acceptable. - The uncomfortable reality is that Big Tech has become the tyrannical Star Wars Styled Empire of our generation. They make a deal with you and like an unethical dishonest conman, they constantly alter the terms, and if you want to stay on their platforms, you're powerless to do anything about it. You just gotta lube up...if you have time...and take it as hard as they want to give it. - Remember, Google and YouTube create nothing. You are their product. Their entire business model is based on doxxing their users and selling this doxxed data to corporations so they can spam you with marketing messages you neither wanted nor asked for. As long as you continue to be compliant sheep and allow this, you empower their ongoing dishonesty and unethical conduct. Never forget this.