Friends, I am stoked that tonight I am beginning a 6 month online Permaculture Design Certification Course! That in itself is amazing, but also it's being taught by my friend Stephen Brooks and the incredible Penny Livingston! My plan is to take this knowledge and use it for the intentional community we are building in Mexico. I also plan to develop my own Permaculture course geared specifically for anarchists, abolitionists, agorists, freedom fighters, truth seekers etc which will be available for a very affordable price (or FREE for those unable to pay). This is the beginning of a new chapter for me as I finally move from a broad and limited understanding of the inner workings of Permaculture to actually living and embodying the principles and design practices. This is a part of my mission to make sure I am the one in control of my personal Great Reset. I refuse to let anyone else control the direction my life is headed. I claim responsibility for my own life and my future. - Derrick Broze