SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT: THE DEMOCRATS IN WASHINGTON ARE DANGEROUS: (1) President Trump has openly expressed his concern with possible election fraud and manipulation, which could be associated with a voting by mail process. We are already seeing how his concerns are justified, as incidents have already surfaced relating to questionable behavior.. (2) Nancy Pelosi has called the house back into session to address the issue of a mail in vote for the coming election, as the left suggests that Trump is trying to suppress votes with his opposition to trusting the USPS with our votes. Nancy Pelosi, and others on the left seem to be wanting this vote by mail option just a little too much, and that should throw up a flag to all who are demanding a legitimate election, whereas legitimate votes are protected and counted accurately. (3) If we are allowed to go to Walmart, to Kroger, to restaurants, and the protesters are allowed to gather in large crowds in the streets of this nation, then voting at the normal locations in a normal manner with a normal election should be allowed, as well. President Trump is not trying to suppress the votes; the Democrats are concerned because they want the mail in vote, which is more difficult to monitor and easier to manipulate. No other reason for the demand even comes close to making any sense. The Democrats are liars, period....Vic Damico ///