DO THEY HAVE NO DECENCY? ( They're Using A Not Well Elderly Man As A Tool ) ======Bullhorn Barry (Opinion) This is a man who is deeply perplexed, completely out of his league and has no business running as President - let alone being chosen for the nomination. This is a disgrace to our country and it shows just how fraudulent the democrat election process has become. Believe me when I say, there is no possible way that this is who the majority of Democrats want as their President. But if so, the Democrats are the most deceived, desperate, and clueless people on the earth. To allow this man to continue when he clearly needs rest and retirement is a disgrace to the Liberal Party. It is a shame. To use this poor man as a tool to gain a victory shows just how thoughtless, classless, and slimy the Democrat Establishment has become. Do they have any decency at all? If nobody else is going to say then I will. The Democrats should be ashamed of themselves. #Minds #farleft #left #demoncrats #Biden