3. “You should trust the experts!” Often called “the argument from authority,” they mean “you should blindly trust our experts, without the ability to substantively test their recommendations!” This is a fallacy of rhetoric and logic. Take it from a litigator: you could find an equally-qualified expert to contradict everything their expert is saying. In the realm of "COVID1984," for example, we have Anthony Fauci of the United States, and Anders Tegnell of Sweden. They each have credentials, ardent fan clubs, and completely divergent approaches to "COVID1984." Fauci loves lockdown; Tegnell says it’s unsustainable and hard to exit once implemented. These competing methodologies can only be fairly judged on their results, and now those results are in. Sweden has far less excess all-cause mortality in 2020 than heavily locked-down areas like New Jersey and Michigan. Tegnell won. See where “trusting experts” like Fauci without question would have gotten you? https://humansarefree.com/2020/08/mind-control-covid1984.html