"In some states, it can be a lot easier than you think to get a good bench. One of those states is North Carolina. Four years ago, Roy Cooper beat Pat McCrory, a blemish on what was a good election night for Second Amendment supporters. But that same day, Dan Forest won the lieutenant governor’s race, collecting about 85,000 more votes than Cooper did. As such, the North Carolina gubernatorial race could be very important for Second Amendment supporters. Cooper has vetoed pro-Second Amendment legislation, including a measure similar to a Texas law that deserves credit for greatly mitigating the Fort Worth church shooting. The Second Amendment Preservation Act would have allowed places of worship the option to allow worshipers to carry firearms. Second Amendment supporters have long known how gun-free zones have not enhanced safety for the public. Instead, places declared 'gun-free zones' have all too often just become shooting galleries for those intent on committing horrific crimes. Common sense would indicate that the introduction of substantial resistance to a potential mass shooter should take place as soon as possible, and nothing is faster than having armed resistance on the scene. Cooper, though, did the bidding of Bloomberg and his stooges and cast a veto, which was, sadly, upheld. Cooper also declared gun stores ‘non-essential,' even as the combination of the coronavirus pandemic and the riots that took place across the country have led many to decide that exercising their Second Amendment rights might be a prudent course of action. Forest, on the other hand, has been a supporter of our Second Amendment rights. In eight years as lieutenant governor of North Carolina, he has not let Second Amendment supporters down. The fact of the matter is that he would be a huge upgrade over Cooper in the governor’s mansion." https://www.ammoland.com/2020/08/can-second-amendment-supporters-get-a-good-governor/